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What type of Sleeper are You?

As you contemplate on what type of mattress you are going to pick at Mattress firm Cinco Ranch it is important that you know what type of sleeper you are. When you choose a mattress which suits your specific sleeping style it will make you sleep well.



The primary three sleeping positions include; side, stomach, and back. You might be the type of person who combines various sleeping styles due to the fact that, in between, you rotate between all the three positions. With each sleeping position, comes specific firmness and needs requirements. know more about amerisleep



Back sleepers



When you visit mattress firm Cinco Ranch and you are a back sleeper, then you need to find a bed which has a good amount of support. You will have to get a mattress which is firmer on the side of the spectrum. When on your back, your trunk or hips will be exerting more pressure on the bed. This means that you need to get a mattress that doesn’t have too much sinkage.



In case there is too much sinkage under your body, it will cause the spine not to align properly and you will start having back pain after some time. That is why it is necessary to stick to a mattress which tends to be softer on the side. If you do that, you will start noticing a bit of compression under the heavier parts of your body.



Stick to a mattress which will be in the medium firm to firm ranges.



Stomach Sleepers



Getting a mattress at mattress firm Cinco Ranch if you are a stomach sleeper means that you get one which is firmer on the side. When on your stomach, your midsection will exert a lot of pressure on the mattress. If you want a mattress that will ensure that your spine is aligned properly, then get one that is between the medium and firm ranges. The pillow you use is also very important and it should be as flat as possible.



Side Sleeper



This sleeping style can take various forms. You can curl your legs, make them straight, or maybe one leg straight while the other one is curled.. whatever the style, the shoulder and the hips of the side on which you lie will exert more pressure on the mattress. This means that, if you were to get a mattress at mattress firm Cinco Ranch, it must be one that has more give, that is softer.



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